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Ecotech has three considerations in mind when developing chemical solutions. They are:

    1. Performance - we realize our products must get the job done.
    2. Worker safety - our formulas are designed to be as safe and worker friendly as possible.
    3. Environmental - minimal impact is our focus, whether it is ease and cost of waste treatment, or the liabilities and expense of off-site disposal.

Listed below is a sampling of our specialty chemical product line:

Surface Treatment

Alkaline Cleaners
Conversion Coatings
Corrosion Inhibitors
Vibratory Solutions
pH Adjustment
Acid Cleaners

Metalworking Fluids

Floor Coatings

Paint Booth Maintenance

Waste Treatment

Custom Formulations

New formulas are constantly under development and we welcome custom blending opportunities. Please contact us to discuss your specific application or to receive technical information for one of our proven Ecoprep® solutions.

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