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Surface Treatment Success A
Surface Treatment Success B

Surface Treatment Success A - A major manufacturer of high speed end mills experienced corrosion on their steel parts after heat treating in barium chloride baths. It was known that poor salt removal during the subsequent water quench was the cause, resulting in an unacceptable and costly level of re-work and scrap. Many chemical additives from well known suppliers were tried in the quench water with undesirable results. Even the salt bath vendor could not provide a product to achieve adequate cleaning of the corrosive salt. The existing quench/cleaning system consists of a 3-stage heated aqueous soak with minimal ultrasonic activity in the second bath, and some circulation from mechanical mixers in stages one and three.

Upon referral from another of the manufacturer's facilities, Ecotech was able to quickly develop a custom formulation, now known as Ecoprep® 2005, which not only resulted in much improved and acceptable levels of salt removal, but provided in-process corrosion protection on the parts after quenching and prior to steam tempering. Ecoprep® 2005 has proven to be cost effective as it operates at dilutions of less than 5% v/v, and is capable of sustained cleaning under heavy soil loads. Its ability to clean organic soils (oils) as well as inorganic contaminants (salts), while providing rust protection in the final rinse, has been established by its use in a belt spray washer where parts are degreased prior to heat treat. As an added benefit, Ecoprep® 2005 operates at a significantly reduced pH from previous chemistries, thereby reducing worker safety and environmental concerns. Ecoprep® 2005 is still in use to this day, and continues to supply the quality results a world class manufacturer requires.

Surface Treatment Success B- One of the world's largest manufacturers of mining and construction equipment was facing a dilemma.Their waste treatment facility received new wastewater discharge limits, which would be very difficult, if not impossible, to meet without significant changes to the effluent from their manufacturing operations. Of particular concern was the high pH (and its propensity to solubilize metals), and the chelants commonly found in the alkaline cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, leak test additives, vibratory solutions, and other chemistries used to process their ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Of course, elimination of these undesirable components had to be accomplished without decreasing the effectiveness or efficiency of their surface treatment processes.

Ecotech formulated a solution, Ecoprep® 2000, which is now effectively used for a variety of purposes, while alleviating the waste treatment concerns. This non-chelated, mild alkaline formula is utilized in spray and agitating soak parts cleaning applications, plus non-heated leak test tanks. Ecoprep® 2000 incorporates an effective, non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor package which protects even cast iron parts from rust during in-process storage and assembly. Through the use of an Ecotech supplied central bulk storage tank and a Dosatron proportioner, properly diluted Ecoprep® 2000 is fed to six different operations on the production floor. The Ecoprep® 2000 formula and automated chemical feed setup have resulted in positive contributions towards the customer's goals in the following areas: improved quality, meeting their environmental responsibilities, greater safety through minimal worker exposure, reduced risk through exposure to milder chemistry, reduction of shipping container handling and disposal costs, and minimizing their chemical inventory.

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